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亞太之友歷史沿革  Background information



In 1971, the Asia Pacific Regional Fund was established through the initiatives of a member of the Asia Pacific. Sources of funds were mainly from donations and proceeds from the AP Bazaars organized at Regional events. Regional Funds were used for special projects and to augment WAGGGS allocation.  


In order to deliver WAGGGS strategy in the Asia Pacific and bringing bigger impact to the wider audience, the AP Committee continuously explored avenues for fund raising at the regional level. In one of the Committee meetings Dr. Juseon Byun was invited to participate in the discussion on how to organize the Friends of AP. At the same time she was appointed chairman of the Fund Development Ad hoc(ad hocery adhocery) group together with four other former members of the AP Committee. It was during this period that the membership scheme for the Friends of AP Region was developed and approved by the AP Committee. Leaflets and membership forms were produced. The essential elements of the scheme were the following:  



  • To raise funds for the AP Region to support projects / programmes addressing leadership training for young women.
  • Support Member Organizations in carrying out projects / programme of the AP region related leadership training for young women.

As with any other regional initiative, it took a long time to get the project going. For almost one triennium membership take-up was very slow. It took another triennium before the results of the efforts put in by Member Organizations became evident. 


The Fund Development ad hoc group on the other hand tried very hard to raise money in the forms of Silent Auction, individual solicitations etc. 


In 1998 when Juseon was elected as chairman of the Asia Pacific Committee, the membership of Ad hoc group was reorganized. Dr. Amelita D. Go was appointed chairman. The Ad hoc group work by correspondence and meetings were held during regional events when possible. 


During this triennium membership drives of some Member Organizations started to flourish. In some cases due to large membership, National Organizations had to appoint coordinators. Also Friends of AP of various countries started to organize activities for themselves providing opportunities to get together. A couple of countries have also organized trips and fund raising for the group activities.  


In the triennium 1998-2001, The AP Committee appointed three Ad hoc groups. These were:  


  • Communication 通訊
  • Strategy for growth 發展策略
  • Finance財務

Membership to each Ad hoc group was composed of two Committee members, one staff member and two from National Organizations. These groups work by correspondence and put forward recommendations to the AP Committee. The Fund Development group worked with the Ad Hoc group on Finance.  


Many exciting events happened during the period. These were:


  • Publication of updated, corporate leaflet.
  • Modifying the membership categories from the different levels to bronze, silver and gold.
  • Membership certificates and pins and plaque for corporate members were made more attractive. 
  • Organizing Friends of AP Gathering at Regional Conferences. Agenda includes sharing of activities, exchange of membership campaign strategies, formulating recommendation to AP Committee. It should be pointed out that at the Friends’ Gathering in Brunei in 2001, the group recommended that the name be changed to FRIENDS OF AP, WAGGGS for easeof identity.   
  • Attendance of Friends of AP to part of the programme at Regional events. (They were invited to opening ceremony and international night other activities were organized by members of Friends of AP of National Organization hosting the event)  
  • A request was made by AP Committee to the World Conference Planning Group to allow Friends of AP WAGGGS to attend some of the sessions at the World Conference held in Manila. This was granted. In view of this Friends of AP WAGGGS, Philippines invited members from other countries to come to Manila at the time of the World Conference. Friends from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and came and had the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony, regional gathering and world market. The GSP Friends organized tours and visit to GS units and shopping.
  • Organizing membership ceremonies at Regional events and Friends of AP WAGGGS gatherings.
  • Exchange visits between Friends in different countries.
  • Acceptance of HRH The Crown Princess of Pahang, Princes Azizah Iskandar of Pahang, Malaysia as Patron of the Friends of AP WAGGGS 馬來西亞彭亨州阿姬莎公主同意擔任世界女童軍亞太之友榮譽會長

The triennium 2001 to 2004 could be described as the height of overwhelming success. The target of US$ 100.000 (one hundred thousand US dollar) was over subscribed.  


In the last triennium (2001-2004), the Asia Pacific Committee, in its desire to continuously sustain the membership growth, enhance the activities of Friends of AP WAGGGS, and to generate more income for the Asia Pacific Region appointed the Friends of AP WAGGGS Committee as a sub-committee.



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